Illustration of the statues over the procscenium of the Homestake theater

I always begin every illustration with initial sketches which are sent to the client for approval. After any changes the client wants are approved, I proceed with the finished artwork. The art can then be emailed as soon as it’s finished.

Since I work entirely in the computer I have the flexibility to make corrections and changes as needed. I use a digitizing tablet and I’m as comfortable drawing in the computer as on paper. The final illustration can be either in vector format, like an AI file, or a pixel based image, like a tiff file, depending on the client’s needs. For color in pixel based art, I often use watercolor on heavy Arches paper, and send the art as a Tiff or Photoshop file.

In the 1920s my grandfather did a mural for the Homestake Opera House in Lead, South Dakota which was destroyed by fire several years ago. I did this piece as a donation to the rebuilding effort. It depicts the statuary over the proscenium.