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  've been a freelance
illustrator for almost
30 years now, working
with great designers
and art directors around
the USA and the world.

TECHNIQUE; I work with both
a digitizing tablet and with
traditional drawing tools. I've
been using the Mac since 1995
and I've been drawing and
designing since I can remember.

SPECIALTIES; the environment, plants,
animals and nature in
general. I
do a lot of work
in packaging, and I have a
new site dedicated to it.

STYLE; encompasses
a range from the bold
and graphic
to the finely
, woodcut to
engraving in feel, one
, colored in pixel
or vector, or watercolor.

AWARDS; My work's
been in all those mags
like CA, Print and
Graphis and it's won
AIGA awards and such.
It's also been praised on and similar sites.

Clients say I'm easy to
work with, and I enjoy
working with them. The
artist who influenced
me most was my grand-father, who was also an artist and illustrator.

RESULTS: I provide my clients
with the type of file they need,
whether it's vector, like AI, or
pixel, like Photoshop, often with
the linework on a separate layer
from the color. For more on the process, click here.

    hanks for coming by!

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